Friday, September 14, 2012

TITL Apparel, Christian Boutique

Are you one of those people who think that art only comes in the form that can hang on your wall? I sure hope not.

Art comes in many styles and is displayed in many mediums. At it's core art should exemplify beauty, craftsmanship and visible creativity.

I recently had the opportunity to review TITL Apparel, a Christian boutique featuring handmade jewelery and attire. 

The product I received from TITL Apparel demonstrates all the effort and attention to detail that can only be called art.

TITL stands for "Trust In The Lord" and declares Proverbs 3:5 with elegance. With the company mission Mark 16:15 the owner provides a significant portion of all profits to ministries that seek to save the lost.

Select members of The CWA Review Crew had their choice of product to review. I knew with all of the extravagant jewelry available at TITL (featuring sterling silver, amazonite, marcasite, magnesite, hematite, black onyx and jasper) the crew members would likely select something sparkling and beautiful.

Those whose jewelry boxes were already loaded would likely select a stunning rhinestone t-shirt.

I like to be different. I wanted to see what TITL could do with a functional piece of art. I selected the men's leather wallet to review.

My husband was deeply in need of one and deserving of something special. It was the perfect choice.

If you have a husband, you know what kind of wear and tear they put on their wallets. They usually end up so battle scarred from the trip in and out of a pocket that they are almost embarrassing to look at.

I wanted to see how TITL's wallet could hold up to my husband's use and I was very pleasantly surprised.

Here is the picture I took this morning after my husband has been using this wallet every day for a month.

It is still stunning. Actually, I'm going to confess that it is so nice that I had to convince my husband to use it! He was determined to "save it for special". Now, everyday is special with this beautiful wallet tucked in his pocket. 

Apart from the quality, the shield was especially exciting to him as our last name means shield. 

Here is an inside look:

There is a little wear and tear at the right side on the snap grommet from where he opens it, but other than that it's held up beautifully.

He has reported that it feels lighter than his previous wallet (and yes it has the same amount of cash in it). It's less bulky even with the bulk from the shield on the front. It's sleeker and less visible in his pocket too.

Best feature: With the slim size and extra room in his pocket I can slide my in there and grab that baby out without him even feeling it gone. I guess that's bad if you live in a pick pocketing area, but it works for me. (giggle)

 Now he has to keep me out of it so I don't go spoil myself at TITL. 

Final thoughts: At $60 I think this is a very nice wallet that any husband is sure to treasure. 
Hop over to TITL apparel and art yourself up with something beautiful, hand crafted in Nevada by the talented Stephanie Osbourne. 

To order this wallet go here. Her shipping is increadibly fast so you'll have it in no time. 
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