Friday, March 23, 2012

Lessons From A Window

I was on a walk one day and noticed some windows behind a building. They were beautiful and rugged and I thought they would make wonderful frames. I kept waiting to see if they would end up at the curb since I couldn't take them in their present location and no one would answer the door at the building. Weeks went by and I was obsessed about these silly windows.

Then my husband came home with the newspaper and pointed out that the building was being renovated into an art gallery of all things. I hunted down a phone number for the owner and told him I was a local artist with an eye on his windows. He said they were the original windows from the 1930's. The building had been one of the first in the town and the original location for the post office. He offered me the windows at no cost if I would do a showing of the art I create with them. It is a HUGE opportunity for me.

I had lots of ideas for what to create. At first I was thinking about creating a swayed road on the window and referencing miracles personal and biblical along the path.

Well, my theme went out the window. No pun intended. Nothing I wanted to do was working. That put me back at the drawing board.

Every time I started to do something that I wanted to do I was stopped. I could feel YHWH leading me every step of this project, telling me what to (and what not to do).

As I was tearing the paper for the background I could feel YHWH speaking to me reminding me that someday He is going to tear the sky apart and return for us. I can't wait!

I found some very old wall paper in our attic a while back and my landlord said I could use it. It was as old as the house. I cut two doves out of the pattern and added one to the sky and one to the branch. I also cut some leaves to add a three dimensional effect to the leaves I'd already added.

There was only one thing I knew I wanted to do with this painting. Very early in this process it became clear that this was not my thing but his. I kept fighting it. I'm stubborn like that. I still tried to make that one part only it looked super bad. I'm not showing you that part. Just trust me. Instead of the person I wanted to add, YHWH lead me to add a child because He says to let the children come to Him. At that point I learned my lesson in surrender. It was raining outside, so I threw some watercolor on some canvas and let Him paint the hill too. Here is that section.

Here is the whole thing, top to bottom.

I have a little bit left before my window process is complete, but I've learned a ton! I learned to let Him into my art. I had given Him my writing, but my art was still my own. Now every passion I have we can share.

I still want to add some fancy old style tin work to the corners then it will be complete, but again that could change if He shows me something else. I've learned to listen to His voice above my own. I think that was the whole point.

For me this piece is about being on the right path, the tree being the symbol of life and faith.

“You make me known the path of life; in your presence is unbounded joy, in your right hand eternal delight.” Psalm 16:11

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