Sunday, March 11, 2012

Leonardo's Little Ladies

There is a swap currently running over at Sorry, the due date is coming close and the sign up is full. I thought it was a fun theme though so I thought I'd share it with you.

Some people think that Mona Lisa has been done to death. If you saw my house you'd see where I disagree. I'm a crazy collector of altered Mona's. As long as her eyes stay untouched I swoon at almost every creative adaptation artists make to her.

Evalia, the swap host of Leonardo's Ladies, insists that there are other lovely ladies that are worthy of our artistic efforts. She challenged us to look at the less famous women as well as the sister stars like Lady with an Ermine, Madonna, Leda and La belle Ferroniere who all had the unique distinction of making it onto the pages of Leonardo Da Vinci's sketchbooks.

This site is a great place to peruse all the works of Da Vinci in one easy location.

I selected four images to work with including Mona Lisa (I couldn't help myself),Portrait of Cecilia Gallerini (Lady with an Ermine), Portrait of Ginevra de Benci and a Leda drawing.

Next, I decided to do a little collage work and turn these sophisticated women into little ladies. I found some free vintage photographs of children. I added water color, placed them on some painted backgrounds and added some artsy touches with more collage ephemera, shimmer pigments, acrylic paint and gel pens.

When I had my ATC looking trade-worthy I took some pictures and uploaded them to my computer. Here they are at that point:

That's when the digital fun began. I took the above images and added some pizazz with pixlr-o-matic . When I was done I came up with these finalized images which I added watermarks to(these are my work, please admire, but do not copy them without my written permission):

The more I begin to learn about digital art and explore this medium, the more I realize how challenging and complex it really is. I went through several steps to achieve the results that I am pleased with. That's what makes it fun though. These tools allow you to see the endless possibilities, test options before you commit, and do things your ordinary art supplies don't easily allow. You can even transform Leonardo's little ladies.

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