Monday, September 19, 2011

Art That Fits You

Have you ever thought about what size of art fits you the best?

My oldest daughter, Chloe (9) enjoys making chunkies with me. My son (7) and daughter (5) both enjoy making ATCs, though they will also go through piles of printer paper, butcher paper or construction paper in a day if given the chance. My youngest likes her artwork big. She needs lots of room to move her arm with each stroke. Her fine motor skills are still developing and she isn't always drawing from the wrist yet. The wider area gives her more room for movement. When she uses smaller paper we try to keep it free of design to avoid frustrations. Abstract art is very rewarding for her.

Chloe likes the 4x4 size best. This size gives her the space to move and offers the challenge of coordinating detail.

In this video she shares her chunky and how she made it. Maybe your children would like to try this size as well.

If 4x4 chunk art isn't your thing, that's okay. Take some time today and think about the size of art that suits you best.

Spend a little time playing with art today!

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