Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bits and Pieces of Me

Back in High School I wrote a lot of poetry. Most of it was honestly pretty lame, but back then I thought it was pretty good. At one point I started pasting some of my poems into a hard bound sketchbook. I added a few images to the cover and some of the pages and eventually abandoned it. After several moves I found this treasure buried in a cardboard box and brought some new life to it. Some of the poetry was just so dark or so juvenile that I ripped it out or gessoed over most of it, leaving only this vague shadow of where the words still linger. They are bits and pieces of my past that I can't say goodbye to yet. I'm bringing them into the future with me and helping these pages mature with the latest techniques and ideas I have learned through the years. Besides gesso, collage, found text, water color and water soluble crayons are my favorite tools on these pages.

This is my poetry art journal:

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