Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Art Community

I trade ATCs at ATCsforall. I LOVE this community and enjoy participating and hosting swaps there.
At ATCsforall I am currently hosting a swap titled When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet.
I am also participating in my first moleskin group there. My moleskin will travel to 7 artists over nine months for each of them to add to my book. Meanwhile I will be creating art in the other participants books. I'm so excited to be in this group! I have chosen the theme of royalty for my moleskin.
Project 365 is also a part of ATCsforall. We are striving to build a habit of art by creating something new every day of the year. See the button in my left sidebar.
If you are looking for an art community you will find this site wonderful and addictive.

I just signed up at Art House Co-op to participate in the Fiction Project. My theme is Jackets, blankets and sheets. This sounds so fun!

I really enjoy the monthly journal page swap at Milliande Art Community For Women. Nina does a fantastic job hosting this and the prompts are wonderful! I fell out of the loop with the holidays, but can't wait to jump back in. This group is for women only. They have wonderful video tutorials and the discussions are really informative and helpful. The journal page swap is the only thing I've traded at this site so far and I have had wonderful success with my returns so far.

The Butterfly Project is close to my heart. My family and I are working hard to create and collect butterflies to offer to the project.

I was recently involved in an art auction to benefit the humane society. I loved using my art to benefit something important. I'll be looking for more opportunities like this one in 2011.

At Flickr I am in a few groups, but most active in this one. Junque Journals are a really fun way to create without the worries about perfection. I sometimes find that I treasure the natural raw art I create here above my more thought engaging art I've created.

Create by Faith is another ning group that has great community and resources. It's very small compared to the others and I'm just finding my place in this community, but I've enjoyed it so far.

Sometimes I participate in art blog challenges when I have the time. That is more of an "extra" than a regular thing for me.

I'm always looking for new, exciting places to share the love of art. If you have a special group you enjoy participating in, please let me know about it.

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