Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet Lilly Anne

Meet Lilly Anne. She isn't much to look at yet . . .but with a little paint and creativity she quickly came to life.
Here is our plan:
1. As often as possible, Lilly will have an adventure. She'll learn something new or explore something exciting.
2. After each adventure my kids will set Lilly up for a photo shoot of her learning adventure.
3. They will type (have mercy . . .they are only 6 and 8) about what Lilly learned each day. Maybe they'll choose the most exciting part of their school day to share with Lilly. Maybe they'll write about something fun they did with Lilly. Lilly will always be doing something--learning something. Maybe you will learn something too.
So . . .are you ready to see Lilly Anne in all her completed beauty?
Meet Lilly Anne . . .


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