Thursday, September 23, 2010

Learning With Lilly Day 3

Today Lilly Anne learned about collections.
PhotobucketCan you tell what we collect?
Yup, those would be rocks. We just can't help picking a big one up every time we see one.

Our Mom has a few collections too. One collection she inherited from her uncle. He collected match books from all the places he traveled. It's a very large and colorful collection.


Our Mom collects stamps from all of her mail art swaps.


It's fun to collect things that interest you. It's also a good way of preserving history. Many of the businesses featured on Uncle Michael's match books are no longer in existance. Some of them are even from family weddings that took place before our Mom was even born!
Mom's stamps will someday be outdated and who knows where our rocks have been before we discovered them. History is alive in every collection.

Art is also full of history. Seeing this, people have scrambled to collect as much valuable art as museums will hold. There are many beautiful collections of art all over the world. Maybe there is even a museum near you.

Here are some links to a few museums where you can look at some of their collections. Maybe you'll want to look online to find more.
Spencer Museum of Art
The National Gallery of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Tate Gallery

What do you collect?
Every collector has a favorite piece. What is your favorite piece in each of the museum art collections featured above?

Come back tomorrow and learn something new with us and Lilly Anne.

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