Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Learning with Lilly Anne Day 1

Today Lilly Anne learned about the Bible.We read to her from the book of Luke and the book of Psalms. The Bible is God's story. God was the very first artist. You can read about his creativity in Genesis. The Bible was an inspiration for many famous works of art.

Here are a few examples:
Matthew and the Angel by Caravaggio


Die Ruhe auf der Flucht nach Ägypten by Caravaggio


The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci


The Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo


One of God's best creations was us. He placed in us an ability to make art like Him.
Pretty cool huh?

Lilly Anne's favorite piece of religiouse art is:
Noah's Ark by Edward Hicks
Click on this picture to make it bigger.
Can you find the bunnies in this picture?

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