Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm Collaged Obsessed! Challenge #23

Above is my creation. Below is the image I started with.

While creating this collage I was watching The Great Fairie Rescue. I was inspired by the Tinkerbell trapped in the birdcage. I combined some images with tape transfers and added a caged fairie beside the dreamer. I covered it all in glitter modge podge to give an extra fanciful dream-like effect.

I'm Collage Obsessed! Challenge #24

The first image above is my collage for Collage Obsession challenge 24. I started with the second image above. I added some cowgirls with vintage movie star faces. After all, what is a cowboy without a cowgirl right?
I used a bit of paint and pen with my collage too. I needed more color. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Collage Obsessed Challenge #25

The first image is my portrait challenge (#25) for collage obsession. I started with the second image above.

I could see the lonely look in her eye and it inspired me to alter the image into a Rupunzel portrait. I used acrylic paint and collage to complete the image.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Learning With Lilly Day 3

Today Lilly Anne learned about collections.
PhotobucketCan you tell what we collect?
Yup, those would be rocks. We just can't help picking a big one up every time we see one.

Our Mom has a few collections too. One collection she inherited from her uncle. He collected match books from all the places he traveled. It's a very large and colorful collection.


Our Mom collects stamps from all of her mail art swaps.


It's fun to collect things that interest you. It's also a good way of preserving history. Many of the businesses featured on Uncle Michael's match books are no longer in existance. Some of them are even from family weddings that took place before our Mom was even born!
Mom's stamps will someday be outdated and who knows where our rocks have been before we discovered them. History is alive in every collection.

Art is also full of history. Seeing this, people have scrambled to collect as much valuable art as museums will hold. There are many beautiful collections of art all over the world. Maybe there is even a museum near you.

Here are some links to a few museums where you can look at some of their collections. Maybe you'll want to look online to find more.
Spencer Museum of Art
The National Gallery of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Tate Gallery

What do you collect?
Every collector has a favorite piece. What is your favorite piece in each of the museum art collections featured above?

Come back tomorrow and learn something new with us and Lilly Anne.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Learning with Lilly Anne Day 2

Today Lilly Anne went to the Sunshine Room with Caibry. The Sunshine room is a place for pediatric occupational therepy. Caibry does OT and speech therepy every week.

Lilly Anne liked the sunflowers used to decorate the waiting room. She decided that sunflowers were something she'd like to learn more about.

Sunflowers are a popular subject in art. Vincent vanGogh did a whole series of sunflower paintings. In fact, if you heard the word sunflower you would probobly picture one of his paintings in your mind.

Here are some examples of sunflowers in art:

Vincent van Gogh Vase with 12 Sunflowers

Antonio Sicurezza Sunflowers

Paul Gauguin Sunflowers

Claude Monet Bouquet of Sunflowers

Here is a great site to learn more about Vincent vanGogh's love of sunflowers. You'll also find some links to learn about real sunflowers.

Lilly Anne learned these fun sunflower facts:
1. One sunsflower can hold as many as 2,000 seeds!
2. Sunflowers have many uses like cooking oil, medicine, dyes, paint and they even make a healthy snack!
3. Sunflowers are pretty tall flowers. The tallest was found in the Netherlands. It was over 25' tall!!
4. Sunflowers often turn to face the sun. This is called heliotropism.
5. Sunflowers are in genus Helianthus. In Greek helio means sun and anthos means flower.

What did you learn?

Go here to print and color a sunflower.

If you created a series of paintings like vanGogh, what subject would inspire you?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Learning with Lilly Anne Day 1

Today Lilly Anne learned about the Bible.We read to her from the book of Luke and the book of Psalms. The Bible is God's story. God was the very first artist. You can read about his creativity in Genesis. The Bible was an inspiration for many famous works of art.

Here are a few examples:
Matthew and the Angel by Caravaggio


Die Ruhe auf der Flucht nach Ägypten by Caravaggio


The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci


The Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo


One of God's best creations was us. He placed in us an ability to make art like Him.
Pretty cool huh?

Lilly Anne's favorite piece of religiouse art is:
Noah's Ark by Edward Hicks
Click on this picture to make it bigger.
Can you find the bunnies in this picture?

Meet Lilly Anne

Meet Lilly Anne. She isn't much to look at yet . . .but with a little paint and creativity she quickly came to life.
Here is our plan:
1. As often as possible, Lilly will have an adventure. She'll learn something new or explore something exciting.
2. After each adventure my kids will set Lilly up for a photo shoot of her learning adventure.
3. They will type (have mercy . . .they are only 6 and 8) about what Lilly learned each day. Maybe they'll choose the most exciting part of their school day to share with Lilly. Maybe they'll write about something fun they did with Lilly. Lilly will always be doing something--learning something. Maybe you will learn something too.
So . . .are you ready to see Lilly Anne in all her completed beauty?
Meet Lilly Anne . . .